Get your kids to experience the unique combat sport of Kickboxing that is historically developed...
Gymnastics is a modern sport, in which our young gymnasts, perform acrobatic feats -- leaps,...
This fast paced class is a vital game-based blast with a purpose. These indoor group...

Prices & Duration

We have carefully built our programs to allow our kids to achieve their overall well-being and balanced healthy lifestyle:

Our Program costs are as follows:

  • Free Trial Class – Come out and let your child choose
  • All Inclusive Classes (total of 24 classes PER MONTH) = 2000 aed until end of June
  • Package of 12 classes for any one Program within a 3 month period (ie:  Gymnastics once a week for 3 months or Kickboxing once a week for 3 months)= 900 aed
  • Package of 24 classes for any 2 programs within a 3 months period (ie: Gymnastics and Dab Fitness, or Kickboxing and Gymnastics)  = 1500 aed
  • One Class attendance = 80 aed

Program Choices:

Each term will include 2 classes a week of either one or two tracks. for Example, you may choose to have 2 classes of Zumbatonics a week, or 1 class of Zumbatonics and 1 class of Kickboxing a week.

Please note, you must signup your child to a specific session that they would attend at the same time every week.

Call 04-451 0522 to reserve a spot for your kids

  Saturday Monday Tuesday
12:30 AM  Move it Move it
03:00 PM  Kick Boxing
04:00 PM  Dab Fitness
04:30 PM  DAB Fitness  Kick Boxing
05:00 PM  Gymnastic



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